Anne C. Towey, PLLC, a Child Focused Practice, is a Edina Minnesota based law firm that believes that family matters most to a child. The firm is dedicated to assist children and families through some of the most difficult times.

Divorce does not have to be a battle where family relationships or children are the casualties. Nor do you have to cave in and sacrifice everything to “keep the peace”.

At Anne C. Towey, PLLC, the focus remains on how you and your spouse want your futures to look. We employ problem solving interest based negotiations to help you achieve those goals. We understand how vulnerable you are in this difficult transition; we will not take advantage nor encourage you in making destructive decisions. We help you understand that if your spouse does not get a satisfactory result as well as you, you will probably end up back in court on a regular basis and any children of the marriage will suffer.

My job is to help you educate yourself about all of your divorce process options. I offer a free consultation to people whose spouses have already retained collaborative counsel. I also offer a 1-2 hour initial consultation regarding the divorce process options when you make a charitable contribution to a child focused non-profit entity.

After your initial consultation, if you decide that Collaborative Practice, mediation, or other settlement focused alternatives are not for you, I will help you reach litigation counsel (trial lawyers) who will strive to provide some of the positive elements of client determination through the litigation (court) process.

Anne is on partial sabbatical, performing research and writing, and consulting with previous clients with ongoing needs and life transition strategies.

October 9, 2011:
Anne married Jeff Henninger, keeping her son's name and changing her last name to Henninger, she is now known as Anne C. Towey Henninger.

December 1, 2005:
The Edina law firm of Anne C. Towey, PLLC, is proud to announce that Anne C. Towey has been named 2006 "Rising Star" by Minnesota Law & Politics magazine. All attorneys designated Rising Stars are either under the age of 40 or have been practicing law for 10 years or less. Only 2.5% of the attorneys in Minnesota are selected as Rising Stars. 

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